We would like to invite physicians for individual trainings on aesthetic medicine procedures. We lay emphasis on practice to make the physician performing by himself after the training. Trainings take place in our Clinic. Each physician invites his patients to the training, what will enable proper monitoring of the procedure results. Please contact on mobile 517 535 878 or e-mail


Dr Barbara Parda-Głomska has graduated from Postgraduate School of Aesthetical Medicine PTL. She is the member of Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME). She has graduated from Medical Academy in Gdańsk in 1990. The owner of Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, she cooperates with many well-known aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw. For many years she has specialised in aesthetic medicine, antiaging and regenerating procedures. She has continued to broad her professional knowledge in established training centres, under supervision of world experts in aesthetical medicine and dermatology. She has regularly updates and improves treatments methods and techniques by attending European and World Congresses of Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dermatology like EMEA, IMCAS, 5CC Congress, Aesthetic Medicine Congresses in Beijing, Bangkok, Monte Carlo, Miami, Rome. International trainer of aesthetic medicine procedures, PDO threads among others. She speaks fluent English.


  • Procedures with using cross-hyaluronic acid with cannulas (volumetry, hyaluronic threads, tear valley, fulfilling losses on temples, nose modelling, back of hands)
  • Calcium hydroxyapatite (Crystalys) application in face and body modeling (knees and elbows areas, slack arms, slack belly skin)
  • Poli-lactic acid application (Sculptra) in face modeling
  • Face and neck lifting using lifting threads
  • Botulinum toxin application in aesthetic indications (mimic wrinkles, bruxism, hyperhidrosis, migraine, calves modelling)
  • Face and body lifting with HIFU