ZLIPO cryolypolysis and ZWAVEPRO shock wave

ZLIPO cryolypolysis joined with ZWAVEPRO shock wave is innovative technology, the first of this type. It effects with 44% higher results than traditional cryolypolysis, half shortened time of slimming and first of all lack of discomfort. Many clinical trials, reports, comments and measurements of several dozen patients, confirm high comfort and safety, both during and after the procedure.

Fat tissue, deposited on belly, sides, back, knees, is unusually hard to reduce. ZLIPO device allows in completely noninvasive way, reduce local adiposis and perfectly works out in the above mentioned locations. After cryolypolysis procedure, patient can start the series of 6-8 ZWAVEPRO shockwave procedures, 2-3 a week. Shock wave aims at destroying links between fat cells, what helps in their removal from organism. This procedure, in the same time, improves skin cells metabolism, stimulates collagen production, which influences skin flexibility, so necessary in body modelling during loosing fat tissue.


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