Fractional thermolifting – RF INFINI

Fractional thermolifting RF INFINI® is the only currently available device, which uses 3-dimensional volumising to thicken and firm the skin. RF INFINI® combines the results of micropuncturing, fractional laser and radio waves in one device, but doesn’t overheat the scarfskin. The procedure not only eliminates skin defects (wrinkles, skin limpness, scars, striae), but also increases skin density and resistance. It can be performed not only on the face (including eyes area) but also on the body – cleavage, arms, hands, breast, thighs, buttocks. The modern technology and unique procedure used in RF INFINI®, on the one hand ensures maximized comfort, and on the other hand, gives spectacular effects. RF INFINI® can be proceed during the whole year. The therapeutic protocol usually covers 3 sessions with one month break between.


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