Celluform Plus

Celluform Plus is the preparation created especially for removal of chin fat in simple and noninvasive way. After the substance injection, fat cells are damaged and fragmentize, eliminating fat. It consists of deoxycholic acid solution (10 mg/ml), arnica extract acting balmily and anti-erythema. The acid melts fat cells and fat inside in the same time, also causes skin rebuilding, which gives lifting, biostimulating effect. In addition it causes skin cells metabolism and microcirculation improvement, also stimulates skin recovery. The results are visible after first procedure, but the number depends on gathered fat quantity. The procedure lasts appr. 30 minutes. Selected part of skin is aesthesied and painlessly injected with using very thin needle. Side effects, such as small bruises, redness and swellings, disappear usually up to 5 days.


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