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More and more colder and darker, long skirts, sweaters, warm jackets and coats, we cover what we can and forget about it till spring. Then panic. What, if suddenly exotic “last minute” appears? Body should be taken care the whole year. Active lifestyle, proper diet and aesthetic medicine is ideal combination.

Cellulite is such an affliction, that every woman will not escape from, even teenagers or models, men are also in. Scientifically, cellulite is lipodystrophy, incorrect placement of fat tissue, which occurs together with hydropic-fibrous subcutaneous tissue changes. It happens also on arms, stomach and breast. In cellulite places, skin is rugged, protrusions are visible, sometimes painful when touched. Cellulite can appear during homones changes in the organism, so in adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, hormone therapies. The causes can be unproper diet, sedentary lifestyle, blood circulation and lymphatic system disorders, gens, to much coffee or cigarettes, too tight clothes and shoes with high heels. Fat, which is collected when skin ageing, is problem, fat cells enlarge, pressing blood vessels and toxic metabolic products are not removed from the organism.

What innovative medicine says?

Let’s remember that getting rid of cellulite is impossible sure as hell, but we can reduce it. Before the procedure, first, the doctor should check skin condition and cellulite level, assess sensitivity of blood vessels to cracking. One of the most effective, proceeded in our Clinic, methods of fight against cellulite, is the latest generation cryolipolysis with using Z Lipo System devices. Cryolipolysis is the ideal method to reduce fat tissue in noninvasive, comfortable and safe for patients way, so long as it is proceeded according to the protocols. Z Lipo cryolipolysis means fat cells freezing, which are destroyed under temperature from -5 do -10 st. C. Finalizing the procedure with Z Wave Pro shock wave is very important, which aims at destroying links between fat cells and their damage in crystallization phase. It helps reducing twice more fat cells and supports their elimination from organism. Joining, two years shy of, Z Lipo cryolipolysis with Z Wave Pro shock wave of Zimmer technology (IMESO AESTHETIC GROUP), brings really good clinically confirmed effects. We achieve 44% higher efficiency than conventional therapies.

Prostrolane Inner-B lipolysis is innovative method of removing local fat tissue gathering, efficient and safe. The preparation reduces fat drops in fat cells in the following areas: double chin, belly, cheeks, arms, back of thighs. Prostrolane Inner-B contains sodium hyaluronate and four peptides complex. Sodium hyaluronate delivers peptides to skin, moisturizes skin by keeping the water and protects. Peptides increase moisturizing effect, improve skin appearance and delay sodium hyaluronate degradation.

The other one, very efficient preparation is RRS HA Cellutrix of SkinTech company. This is expertly composed cocktail, containing 8 antioxidants, 2 lipolitics, 7 flavonoids, 8 microelements, 3 vitamins, 8 saponins, 3 tripeptides, amino acids and polyphenols. Its rich composition reduces cellulite, tones and improves skin quality and is local fat tissue reducer. Its efficiency, as medical product, is approved scientifically. In cases of advanced cellulite, we use the above in unique therapy joined with hyaluronidase. The procedures should be done in series.