Lipofilling – filling with own fat

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Lipofilling means nothing else like collecting fat from part of the body with its surplus and grafting on the place with lack of volume. This way we remove the surplus of fat in one place (belly, internal part of thighs and knees), in the same time modelling other parts.

We can use this method to improve face contour, model chicks, reduce eyes and forehead wrinkles, increase mouth, round breast and buttocks. We use it also on other parts like neck, cleavage, arms, hands top. It is natural alternative for breast reconstruction after mastectomy, reducing lack of tissue after surgeries or correction of atrophic and after-surgery scars.

Own fat is one of the best preparations modeling body, because it is natural and safe method, so long as the procedure is done by the doctor in professional clinic. In our Clinic, lipofilling procedure is conducted with using the set for fat taking together with double Arthrex® ACP® syringe and centrifuge, ensuring comfortable ACA application (autologic anatomized fat tissue). ACA technique offers easy and fast solutions during collecting and anatomizing inhomogeneous liquids, such as fat tissue. We use topical anesthesia so the procedure is painless, bruises and swelling can appear for appr. two weeks.

Effect are visible after one or two days. Skin is well moisturized, tensed and definitely looks younger. Body is more firm, stays naturally modelled and transplanted fat stays in tissues forever.


  • autoimmune diseases,
  • blood coagulation disorder
  • breast diseases, needing histopathology verification,
  • problems with liver and kidneys,
  • chronic infections,
  • some medicines hypersensitivity
  • smoking cigarettes.