Are you seeking the best for you aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw neighbourhood? Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Piaseczno near Warsaw is the unique place, far from traffic noise, discrete and elegant, in which the patient can feel comfortable.

In our Clinic we have the following, among others:

  • The latest generation eCO2 fractional laser – the best in premium class device – innovative, safe and effective. It recovers skin completely and lastingly and stimulates new collagen intensively. It smoothens and peels skin, reduces small wrinkles, improves skin firmness and tone, closes big pores, shallows deep wrinkles, treats after-acne and burn scars. eCO2 and CGF platelet rich plasma synergy minimises recuperation time and gives great result.
  • V -Laser – the newest platform of WON –TECH company, dedicated to efficient treatment of skin erythema, red and blue capillaries closing on face and lower limbs. It is equipped with excellent GENESIS technology to no ablative skin thickening. The procedure can be performed any time, without recuperation, especially selected by men and celebrities.
  • MICRO&NANO FAT – the newest, safe and almost non-invasive lipofilling method, according to doctor Mario Goisis from Milan, created for patients who need skin recovery and in-place filling. The only one which allows lipotransfer procedure and skin cavity filling, being in the same time the alternative for stabilized hyaluronic acid. Excellent for face, neck and hands volumetry. It gives spectacular results in hairy scalp treatment. The immediate effect, minimised recuperation, thanks to unique cannula, patented by doctor Goisis.
  • HIFU – the newest generation of device with HIFU technology dedicated to body and face lift, recommended by Ulthera experts, the only one with so wide range of transducers, what has the lipolitic aspect, beside the lift one. The one of men favourite procedures.
  • CGF – skin recovery procedure with concentrated growth factors and stim cells. Dedicated to patients who need recovery, wrinkles reducing, suffering from skin slackening. Excellent for hairy scalp treatment, gives spectacular effects in synergy with HIFU, laser, micro needling radiofrequency.
  • APTOS threads – threads which truly lift, not only regenerate. They differentiate with wide spectrum of being used on face and body. Dedicated for both women and men in different age, for all who observed symptoms of ageing processes, such as skin firmness and thickness loss, soft tissues dropping, wrinkles, face contour and oval change.