Femininity with no taboo – modern aesthetic gynaecology

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Women aware of their body, more frequently decide to use the possibilities of modern medicine, including aesthetic gynaecology. Development of this relatively young field results with no taboo on correction and rejuvenation of intimate areas. Lack of satisfaction from sexual life by women after giving birth or during menopause, can cause frustration, discomfort and complex, which affect relationship and whole life quality. 

Women in every age can undergo gynaecology procedures. They are efficient when it comes to solving problems connected with slack labia, vagina dryness and irritation, urinary incontinence, hypocystotomy scars, pain during  sexual intercourse, intimate area stinging and itching. The procedures are safe, non-invasive, recuperation short. The most important thing is selection of experienced doctor and clinic, because each procedure must be preceded by consultation with the doctor – gynaecology specialist. The treatment is usually preceded by the tests of blood coagulation, urine, morphology, cytology and its results decide on qualification to treatment. There can be some contraindications: senectitude, pregnancy, genital organs infection, heart attack, abdominal obesity, hypertension or tumours.

Dear Ladies, don’t be shy, take care of your comfort and sexual life quality. In our Clinic, we take care of you from A to Z. Among aesthetic gynaecology procedures we offer G-point enlarging – modern, non-surgery, low-invasive method, aiming at G-point enhancing and firming up. Desirial preparation applied to this place, moisturizes, firms and increase its volume, which improves sexual feelings, deepens and/or enables vagina orgasm and woman satisfaction. In turn major labia modeling is non-surgery procedure, bringing volume, turgor and shape back to labia. Desirial lub Desirial Plus preparation, depending on indication, applied to labia, brings back young labia shape, improves sexual feelings of both partners and additionally, closing vagina gate, minimalizes the risk of urinary system reciprocal infections. Thanks to labiaplasty which means minor or major labia correction procedure, we can correct labia asymmetry or deformations. This procedure also efficiently helps to decrease overgrown minor or major labia, giving them the shape and size expected by the patient. We also perform vagina revitalization with hyaluronic acid or/and platelet rich plasma, which deeply moisturize, smoothen and add volume.

More information on the procedures you can find at https://drparda.com.pl/clinical-problems-independent-of-age/