October 4, 2018    Home » Blog » „DISPROVING MYTHS”: SAFE LASER THERAPY

Today we can observe real revolution among laser devices. More and more innovative and modern “miracle” devices appear in clinics. But always and for everybody?  In our cycle we advise when, where and how, wisely and efficiently, to be treated with laser therapy.

First of all: safe                                      

Many times we were told by our patients that they had been offered one kind of laser as the antidote for all problems. Nothing more wrong. This is the qualified doctor, who, after patient interview, decides, which device should be used to treat specific problem, taking into consideration the contraindications. Aesthetic medicine offers wide range of lasers: ablation lasers of high energy, which destroy tissue through evaporation, bio-stimulating lasers, sending poor light beam, fractional lasers, for example eCO2, not irradiating or evaporating skin surface but perforating it with thousands of microscopic columns, leaving around the network created from islands of healthy, not damaged skin. The ones we choose for wrinkles reducing, the other for discoloration removal or skin thickening. However, all of them must be clinically researched before admission to use. The good quality is proved by many rigorous tests, resulted with certification. The other thing is establishing  right parameters. Natural biologic processes can be stimulated with light beams, radio wave, heat and cold. The experienced doctor only can do the proper device calibration.

Does the season of the year matter?

In a nutshell, laser beam treatment is the light therapy, so we need to be extremely careful. This is why we can’t expose the treated area for UV radiation. If we are really want to prey on sun in summer, let’s leave laser therapy for winter. Irregardless the season, during therapy we must take care on treated area properly: use high UV creams, cover body with long sleeves and legs, cover face with wide hat and sunglasses. Because of individual skin photo-types, we react in different way for laser therapy. Discoloration can be side effect, but after time it disappears when skin is healing. So long as we don’t expose for the sun and don’t use hormonal medicines.

Painfully and long                                          

We can’t fool ourselves that laser therapy is something like spa massage with oils. It isn’t heart-breaking but we can feel discomfort, it all depends from individual sensitivity and resilience. Skin is heated during the procedure and this feeling can transform into pain. For soothing, before start the procedure, we use anaesthetic creams and the most modern devices have special cooling modules built inside. After laser treatment the skin is red and upswelled, there can small wounds appear and then crusts. But unwanted effects disappear after a few days, they can also be covered with make-up. For better patient comfort and quicker coming back to normal functioning, the professional doctors combine laser therapy with other procedures like HIFU, platelet rich plasma or led therapy.