January 29, 2019

Forget about scalpel. There are a lot of procedures without cutting skin, nose correction among others. The procedure with using of hyaluronic acid, by aesthetic medicine doctor, can help nose modelling properly. It is worth to underline  its safety and immediately visible effect.

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November 13, 2018

More and more colder and darker, long skirts, sweaters, warm jackets and coats, we cover what we can and forget about it till spring. Then panic. What, if suddenly exotic “last minute” appears? Body should be taken care the whole year. Active lifestyle, proper diet and aesthetic medicine is ideal combination.

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October 4, 2018

Today we can observe real revolution among laser devices. More and more innovative and modern “miracle” devices appear in clinics. But always and for everybody?  In our cycle we advise when, where and how, wisely and efficiently, to be treated with laser therapy. Continue reading


May 16, 2018

Many patients suffering from problems of lower face parts and neck: limp skin, wrinkles, irregular jowl line so called hamsters. Aesthetic medicine is progressing and offers the wide range of innovative solutions. One of discoveries there is radiofrequency treatments combining, which benignly impacts wrinkles reduction, skin elasticity improvement, face contours modelling and additionally fat ablation. This was noticed and described by worldwide known aesthetic medicine experts: dr Jason D. Bloom, MD and dr Garret D. Locketz, MD, in spring issue of PRIME Journal.  Continue reading

„Disproving myths”: mesotherapy always with the needle

April 19, 2018

Mesotherapy, common procedure present in our awareness, giving visible and longlasting effects, when it is done in repeated series. In aesthetic medicine this method is used to skin aging prophylaxis, improving its condition and look, revitalization and rejuvenation. It is also used to treatment of cellulite and hair loosing, weakness and brittleness. Used separately or equally with such procedures as fillers, botulinum toxin or lasers. Unfortunately, also here we fight against myths, that is why we show some truth about mesotherapy on our blog. Continue reading

“Disproving myths”: botox does not bite, but treats

March 26, 2018

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles can develop. These are due to expressive movement in the muscles under the surface of the skin. Initially, they are dynamic – only present when moving your face – but with time they will progress to become static lines or wrinkles. So called botox, when used on small muscles on the upper face, it smooths out wrinkles, frown lines and crows’ feet, caused by often eyebrows or forehead pursing and eyes squint. Botulinum toxin is, in fact, a neurotoxic protein, used as an anti-ageing treatment. Anti-wrinkle injections are a relatively non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment, which is less harsh than many cosmetic surgery procedures. It can be used also to treatment of hyperhidrosis different body and face parts or bruxism, not only from aesthetic but medical indications. Continue reading

Carnival chic

January 26, 2018

Clothes do not make  a man. Gorgeous confection, glitter in hair, even diamonds mean nothing when the skin simply is not healthy and relaxed. And carnival in full, balls, dancings, party  is chasing another party. Beside enough sleep and proper diet, take care of yourself in aesthetic medicine clinic. In our Clinic, after consultation, we will choose proper and efficient procedure to comfort and relax you and your skin.  Continue reading

Dazzel by your glow in the New Year!

December 4, 2017

Four weeks, only or until, left to the end of the year. One of us celebrates New Year’s Eve, other not necessarily. Regardless of chosen formula, it is worth to welcome New Year in the full glow of beauty and healthy skin. Let’s confess to lay back in the winter. We have manicure, use face cream or body balm.  But we really need to fit skin care to year season, like clothes.

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In safe hands

November 3, 2017

A few weeks ago Polish Dermatologic Society (PTD), in the letter addressed to the Minister of Health,  pointed out worrying and intensifying in Poland, performing of aesthethic dermatology medical procedures and diagnostic or therapeutical procedures by persons without medical background. Continue reading

Bringing glow back to our skin after summer

August 31, 2017

Slowly we finish happy-go-lucky time. Summer in the calendar will last another three weeks, but because of back-to-school, a lot of us came back from holiday and prepare kids. It doesn’t matter, where we have been – at the seaside or lake or in the mountains – the sun, dry air, high temperatures, wind and air-condition, left a mark on our skin and hair. It’s high time to bring the balance to our body to have only nice memories of summer relax.  Continue reading


July 28, 2017

oparzenie-sloneczne-720In our climate we can’t complain about sun “overplus” so it can be typical to flee to a sun dappled beach to absorb all that vitamin D and give your skin some color. Whilst 20 minutes of unprotected exposure can be beneficial for your health, any more than that can cause sun damage to the: face, hands, neck, chest, and anywhere else that is exposed without protection. 

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Summer enemies of our skin

June 28, 2017

A lot of people have the wrong impression that dry skin is only winter problem. Though the underlying effects are the same, treating dry skin in the summer can differ to treating dry skin in the winter because different factors may be causing it.

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Spring fresh look

May 11, 2017

Everybody dreams of looking fresh, youthful and less tired. The modern day lifestyle can take its toll on even the most energetic person. Sometimes you may look or feel as youthful as a teenager, but your skin and body are showing signs of ageing that you weren’t expecting. Ageing of the skin is completely natural, and even if you live a healthy lifestyle you may find that it’s not enough to keep the skin looking less tired.  Continue reading