Aesthetic medicine: patients safety first of all

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More and more patients, confused with hundreds of inconsistent information, are asking us questions concerning mass availability of aesthetic medicine procedure in many places. This is why we decided to explain doubts. Together with other medical colleagues we continually pay attention to dangerous phenomenon of performing medical treatments in the area of aesthetic dermatology, diagnostic and therapeutical procedures by people without medical education. It may result with irreversible look changes, serious health damage and even death. Our health and appearance are personal interests, protected with laiw (Art. 23 Civil Code).

Cosmetologist and technician – no powers to aesthetic medicine

Cosmetologist is the title gained after graduation of second level higher studies on the cosmetology division. Such a person is prepared to proper performing of conditioning and beauty procedures, mere cosmetics preparation, making proper chemical calculation, classification and verification of different substances usefulness – taking the possibility of allergy and cosmetics impact of organism into account, skin disease recognition and cooperation with dermatologist to help customer either with health skin or defects.

Cosmetic services technician is a profession regulated with National Education Minister decree of February 7th, 2012 in the matter of educational program basis in professions (Journal of Laws of 2012 position 184). Graduate of such a school should be prepared to making cosmeting diagnosis, proceeding cosmetics and beauty treatments, cosmetic advisory and cosmetic studio running.

Persons proceeding above professions absolutely DO NOT HAVE POWERS to healthcare services supply in medical entities, aesthetic medicine treatments and procedures linked with tissue interference, among others. According to the effective law, Only physicians, in the areas of their competences, may do intravenous, intramuscular and under skin injections. Application of different preparations in cosmetic studios so is highly risky and should not happen.

Cosmetic studio can be created by anyone with technician diploma, who equips in the necessary devices and goes through one-day service course. Physicians have high expert level of knowledge and practice, each surgery is registered. Cosmeticians don’t have to have civil insurance, physicians – according to law – must have such a policy. Surgeries, medical centres and entities are controlled by law. Cosmetics studios not. Effective law doesn’t regulate proceeding aesthetic medicine treatments by persons without medical education. There is discussion in Polish Parliament on such regulations.

How to choose properly

Aesthetic medicine procedures are available almost in every shop around the corner. But don’t chase quickness, cheapness and easiness. Let’s choose the surgery wisely, ask friends for recommendations, look at doctor’s experience and competences, don’t hesitate ask for proper documents and certificates, pay attention if we are interviewd before the procedure. All above will make us feeling safe and comfortable, in good hands of professional.