New generation eCO2 fractional laser: safe, efficient, comfortable

January 29, 2018

LUTRONIC means innovation, reliability and excellence.  Such is the newest product of Korean company: new generation eCO2 fractional laser. Mercedes among CO2 lasers, extremely efficient, only one worldwide  with so wide functional spectrum. What is the most important, it is safe for the patient, comfortable and doesn’t need long recuperation period, what is proved by CE and FDA restrictive certificates.  Continue reading

Arthrex – natural beauty from inside us

October 23, 2017

Just arrived in our Clinic! Arthrex Personalised Cell Therapy – the procedure with platelet rich plasma (PRP) which uses natural tissues healing and regeneration processes. Medical functioning of PRP is based on many growth factors and signal molecules contained in blood dust and blood plasma.

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September 26, 2017


The world aesthetic industry seeks to supply increasing demand, basing on gained experience and the newest research and development discoveries. Crucial effect of the efforts biochemists and molecule biologists is creating of  new generation product: Aquashine BTX. It was developed by scientists of CAREGEN CO LTD laboratory to offer complex solution of anti-ageing therapy. The main advantage is regeneration and relaxation feature. Continue reading


July 12, 2017

Next novelty in our Clinic! Juvéderm® VOLITE – the product based on hyaluronic acid – is the first preparation to injection, which improves skin smoothness (lack of small wrinkles), moisturizing and resilience. It was created for 9-months long-lasting effect, even after one procedure. This is ideal solution for people, who want to look younger and stay natural.
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I have youth in my blood

April 7, 2017

Our Clinic has a pleasure to participate in unique campaign, which started in the beginning of April and is dedicated to Regeneris procedure with using platelet rich plasma. People who will donate blood for others, will have a chance get this procedure with promotional price also in our Clinic. Blood is not only the best gift for health but also for own beauty, because of famous “vampire lift” is really benign for our skin.

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CELLUFORM PLUS – created especially to remove submental fat

February 27, 2017

Double chin can be effect of local fat layer or skin slackening in the area of chin and neck, or both problems equally. Double chin causes that face looks heavy, older and less attractive. Acoording to research of American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, for 68 percent of respondents, fat located in this area is real psychological problem. We have the solution! Celluform Plus – preparation created especially to remove this kind of fat in non-invasive way is in our Clinic. Without scalpel! Continue reading

Spring Thread – what if beauty would hang by a thread

February 20, 2017

obraz glowny

As we age our skin changes, becoming thinner, drier and less smooth. In particular, less collagen is produced and elastin fibres which provide elasticity begin to wear out leaving skin prone to wrinkles and sagging. For some a traditional face lift may be an option but others who experience early sagging may want to consider other options like thread lift. This treatment is ideal for people who are beginning to experience wrinkles on the forehead or mid-lower face and neck, and who don’t want to have surgery just yet. Continue reading

Keep your eyes wide open: advanced eyelid correction

December 12, 2016


You take care of yourself applying anti-ageing prevention, taking aesthetic medicine procedures, improving your skin condition. But you observe that drooping eyelids make your face “sad” and older. These are natural ageing processes, causing young face look lost. And yet aesthetic medicine found the solution – non-surgical eyelid blepharoplasty with using the only original device based on plasma microbeam: PLEXR. No fillers, no needles, no scalpel. ALREADY IN OUR CLINIC! 

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CRYSTALYS – the newest filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite in our Clinic!

October 5, 2016


Next novelty arrived to our Clinic: Crystalys, distributed by Croma company, is an innovative filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite, used in skin thickening treatment and face shape modelling. Over 3 years of clinical research with over 200 patients participation proved full safety of the preparation. Calcium hydroxyapatite itself is biological material used from over 20 years in many medical fields: in orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, among others. It is natural component of human bones and teeth. Continue reading

How to recover healthy and strong hair

September 5, 2016

Hair loosing and alopecia are problems, which more and more often cause discomfort both for women and men. Many years of research and new discoveries enabled aesthetic medicine physicians to help their patients in such complaints. We base on these discoveries in our Clinic.

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Plasma instead of scalpel

August 23, 2016

The newest technologies appeared in Poland, which use plasma to aesthetic medicine treatments. The results are among others efficient correction of drooping eyelids, removing of deep wrinkles, skin stimulation and tension. In our Clinic we had a pleasure to make some treatments of eyelids correction with PLASMAGE device, which is one of the high-tech achievements in aesthetic medicine.

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AQUASHINE – deep mesotherapy for intensive skin regeneration

August 10, 2016

AQUASHINE is unique, deep mesotherapy with active peptide complex for tired and over dry skin on skin, neck and hands and for skin with discolorations. In the first case it improves flexibility and hydrates after only one treatment, in the second case – equals coloration, hydrates and fading in discolorations. It is dedicated to people who want more than traditional mesotherapy and don’t need filler. Continue reading