About the clinic Dr Parda

Dr Barbara Parda-Głomska

I have graduated from Postgraduate School of Aesthetical Medicine PTL. I am the member of Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME). I have graduated from Medical Academy in Gdańsk in 1990.

For many years I have specialised in aesthetic medicine, antiaging and regenerating procedures. I have continued to broad my professional knowledge in established training centres, under supervision of world experts in aesthetical medicine and dermatology. I have been attending European and World Congresses of Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dermatology to keep up to date with most recent treatment methods. I speak fluent English.

You are welcome to visit us, to agree on programme of your personal aesthetic treatments, potentially supplemented with antiaging treatment. I offer wide range of procedures from classical prevention against wrinkles, via various methods of biostimulation of face and body skin, volumetric and volumatic procedures and lifting treatments.


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